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    I recently got a refurbished T650 that works great, but that's not the isue.

    My older and original T650 essentially died on me because it was dropped too many times. So much so, that the hard buttons died on the last drop. The keys rarely work anymore; tempermental and sporadic would be a good description. The alt key no longer works either. The only thing useful is the extra battery.

    To my credit and luckily, I managed to Hotsynch this older T650 (took the battery out for a soft reset to return to apps menu) to my Palm desktop in time for my refurbished T650 arrival. That said, how do I HardReset this T650 with non-working keypad buttons? Even the 5-way keypad won't work sometimes!

    If some say 'get a hammer,' I wouldn't blame 'em for trying that solution. At the very least, I could saved it use it as a dummy/prop Treo...
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    There was an app floating around recently that initiated a hard reset, I can't remember what it was called.
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    PowerBtn which apparently incorporates Dmitry Grinberg's OS5 Hard reset program. Run it and you should be able to hard reset without using the power button.
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    This is great, thanks! Haven't tried it yet. It will be tricky to do so install on my older Treo, as my Palm User ID is the same on my older and refurbished T650, as all the newer data resides on my refurbished T650.

    This got me to thinking about Palm/smartphone security in general. If memory serves correct, there alot of similar applications out there that do more than just PowerBtn does. I think some programs allow you to call a number and/or enter a code(?) and actually erase all the contents off your device if it loss or stolen, essentially acting as a hard reset. What are those apps? I think Butler has some type of thing like this, though I haven't tried it.

    Then I got to think that these type of apps should be a Palm/Pocket PC/smartphone essential when first installing programs on to one's device.

    Wait! A-ha moment! I could install PowerBtn (or other similar security program, once I find the right one) on my refurbished T650, do a hotsynch. Then re-hot synch the data to my older, non working Treo and do the hard reset that way.

    In general, what are your thoughts on smartphone/smart device/Palm/Poxket PC security and its various apps?
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    I've tried Warden and have written a review of it here. It works well.
    Flash demos, reviews of PDA and smartphone apps and contests at Palm Discovery . How to do Palm resets. T/T2/T3/Treo screws
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    Just skimmed the Warden review. Looks impressive!
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    I used PowerBtn a few weeks ago to hard reset my first 650. My power button was shot so I couldn't do a hard reset on my 650 I was sending in for replacement. PowerBtn saved me since all it took was a tap on the screen.

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