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    I want a simple shopping list that does the following:

    1. You can enter whatever you want.
    2. You navigate using the 5-way and check off that you bought it.
    3. You can "re-add" it without entering it again.

    I tried a couple of the programs available, but they all suck.

    Hint? If I have to pull out a stylus? Your software sucks and I don't want it.

    I have a 755p if it matters.


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    Handyshopper can be used one handed. You can also reset the quantities needed.
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    ditto Handyshopper
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    Bonsai works well for shopping lists. To check items off (or uncheck) without the stylus, you do menu-q. I used to use HandyShopper and then SplashShopper, both of which are very nice, but I found it a pain to enter items because you have to open a new item dialog for each item, and set things like categories or stores -- so I resisted using them and just emailed myself a list each time, or entered items into a memo.

    Bonsai uses a basic outline format, so you can just type an item's text and hit the return key to enter the next item. I enter each item under the appropriate area in the outline (e.g., A. Groceries, 1. Deli...or B. Costco, 3. Food), and it's easy to expand/collapse with the 5-way to find the right place in the outline. You can also enter items in the Bonsai desktop app and sync them to your device.

    BTW, my main use of Bonsai is for planning my life, not shopping. Shopping is just a bonus.

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    Handyshopper. Join the Yahoo forum and you can download some premade lists. Much easier to edit someone elses than to create your own from scratch.

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