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    While my treo sits on my nightstand, sometimes connected to the charger, sometimes not, the screen will turn on, just for 10 seconds or so, but for no apparent reason. Any idea what could cause this? Add on programs are as follows:

    Card reader
    Directory assist
    Flight status
    google maps
    keyboard light
    tom tom 6
    usb modem
    where am I

    I also use a bluetooth headset, the jawbone
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    Every since I bought mine, it will turn on to just white screen right after I turn it off. I can then press the power button, it will come all the way on. I then press the power button again and it will go off and for the most part stay off.
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    My 700p just turns on for no reason every once in a while. My 650 did it nightly at 12:09am consistently for no reason either.
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    If you use Palminternals you may be able to see what app has an alarm that triggers at that time. There might be something that's using that time to so some kind of background update. My Snappermail does its nightly update (which can't be turned off, only rescheduled) at 3:05AM. I use that as my judge of when I can't sleep, if I'm lying in bed and see my Treo light up, I know it's 3:05.
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    i noticed mine checks for e-mail at certain times which turns the screen on for just a moment
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    I've had the same issue I only notice it when its off in its holder while driving
    Something new Though that might be related just came up......I just installed
    JoeWeise,s Mac skin for Zlauncher and it has sound so Zlauncher clicks and whirls !.... so ... when I turn of the phone (while still on Z ) it clicks and clicks till i shut down Zlauncher and then turn it off . What ever thats worth...

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