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    I'm happy with T700p, Power Vision and all. However, I'm upgrading to a new notebook PC and therefore signed up for the Sprint broadband wireless plan using a Novatel EX720 card. Yeah, I know the card is ExpressCard format and there are no readily available PCMCIA adapters, but the deal is done and I'll wait for my new Dell to arrive; hopefully then I'll be in broadband heaven :-)

    In the meantime, I was wondering how to use my T700p as a DUN modem with my old notebook, but instead of logging in to my regular Power Vision account (I already have the Mobile-Stream DUN software working), I could access the Internet through the new data plan, a-la Novatel Merlin EX720. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


    Palm IIIx -> m505 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 700p
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    Are saying you want to use DUN with your Treo but log into Power Vision through the aircard's account? I don't think that's possible. You'd need to reprovision your Treo with the login information of your card, and even then there might be a problem because the ESN's won't match. Just get USBModem or PDANet and tether with the Treo with your regular Power Vision account and you should be OK as long as you don't use too much bandwidth.

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