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    I have been a user of palm os for many many years (from palm pilot-> handspring visor deluxe-> handspring prism-> tungsten t 1 &2 -> treo 600(verizon) -> treo 700p (verizon) . It is *not* the end of the world not receiving a *much* need MR. .

    There are people dying in wars (some just) (some started on a lie) ; our environment is going to hell in a handbasket (probably man-made maybe a natural cycle) but going to hell none the less. Our leaders and those who want to be our leaders are a bunch of putzes.

    Yes this is an enthusiast site for treo power users, and no I do not come here for political discourse. But maybe if each one of us thought about some other issue and complained to our political leaders about something as much as we are complaining about the MR - maybe the world would be a better place.

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    noodlelest wet noodler
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    Exactly, give me a friggin break..
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    Think he is in the wrong forum....allow me to redirect
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    While you make some excellent points, there is generally room for more than one "cause" in most peoples' lives. However insignificant, globally speaking, the MR may be, it's still something that affects our lives/careers/productivity on a daily basis.

    Sadly, I'm too cynical to believe that humanity can do much on a global level to change things for the better. There are too many special interests and too much greed for that to happen, IMHO. Getting Palm to acknowledge the problems of the 700p and preparing a fix (which I'm not convinced is actually gonna happen) is a more manageable task involving a group of people with a more singular focus and not divided by things such as politics or religion. I don't think the MR and global issues can be compared.

    However, I would be pleasantly surprised if a group of people could actually stop wars and affect environmental change. Of course I realize I'm not effecting the change I want to see - which I guess is the whole problem.

    I'm done with this MR saga and with Palm. It's wearying. This weekend I'm going to make a tour of the different carriers and figure out what plan and phone best work for me and make a clean break from Palm and all the software I've purchased over the years. I don't ever want to develop this kind of dependence again - certainly not with the products of a company as inept as Palm.
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    OK, this thread is next to worthless and way off topic. I would suggest a more suitable forum:;threadid=351
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    Palm is to blame for war and for global warming.

    I has the facts!!!!

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    Did I miss the vote on trees here to hug?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackboxsocial View Post
    Palm is to blame for war and for global warming.

    I has the facts!!!!


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