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    BTW I have no problems at all with the Treo. It does reset after running Backup Buddy. Some stutter in P Tunes when an email comes in. But that is about it.
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    I also applied the MR to my Treo 700P. It was a Blackberry 8830. I used a Treo 650 for 1 1/2 years and a Treo 700P for the last year. The phone on the 8830 is flawless, as is the bluetooth implementation. Also the speakerphone works great! Apps are not as prevalent as what is available on the Treo, but I have found the basic stuff that I need.

    Regarding the browser - it works similarly to the Treo's. I haven't had any issues.

    When I place a call on the bb, it makes the call immediately, no delays. When I hang up, it disconnects immediately and is ready for another call. I don't have any lags in switching between one app and another. I have 3 more weeks to decide if I want to keep this, but so far it's a no brainer.
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