People keep asking me what letter I sent to sprint.. I called up and got a Rep on the phone, told them I have a letter from Steve the product manager at Palm who admits the 700p is flawed because of software and that several MR dates have passed. I then asked for the Rep's email and sent them the PALM RESPONSE LETTER posted in the first sticky topic here at TC. They read it agreed with me and passed it on to someone higher up.

Now this wont work for everyone, I am a business customer we have a different phone rebate system and of course produce more income for Sprint than a single user or normal account. I have also been with sprint on this account for 7 years going on 8 in october and most importantly the bill is paid on time. The account I am on also has "no credit limit" and we can charge multiple $600 phones without a problem.

So dont get your hopes up if you have been with sprint for less than 2 years and have 2 lines on your account and pay $80-$100 a month.