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    I believe this has been posted about before, but it's such a difficult topic to search for: Is there anything out there that will show your voicemail messages in a GUI format so you can select them non-sequentially and get time/date/caller information? Maybe even transfer them to SD card in mp3 format to play on your computer? A smartphone just shouldn't have to dial into a voice menu- it should be smart!

    Seems it should be integrated into messaging or mail somehow..
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    According to this article, SimulSays should be available for the Treo in June...if this is true, this would be cool!
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    "SimulScribe converts your voicemail into text messages and then sends them directly to your mobile phone, Blackberry, Goodlink enabled phone and/or your email account"

    Mobile Voicemail Integration Pricing:
    Simul40 40 $9.95*

    Cool idea, but I don't want something to send me an SMS when I get voicemail so that Sprint can charge me and they can charge me monthly for a 40 message plan. I want a standalone application, pay for once, which gets information from Sprint digitally, then displays them so I can click on them or use menu options to get time/date info, or listen over my speakers. If they send an SMS for it, then you still have to logon over the phone to listen to it. Moreover, are they just translating the voice to text? I would like this solution to not rely on "voice to text" recognition, but I assume Sprint would have to release API's or something to allow palm to get this information.

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