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    This problem has brothering me for sometime.

    My Cropper 680 will lose at least 2 minutes time after a soft reset (clock will be slower), the lost time depends on how long the battery has been removed.

    This could be troublesome when I was in travel and change SIM cards often, the clock on my treo could be hours late after a day.

    So is this just happening to me or?

    BTW I also have a Treo 750v and it works fine.

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    This happens to my 680 also, after a battery-out reset. However, if I soft reset using something like the soft reset function in Launcher X or using the Soft Reset program (which is a free app), the lost time does not happen. I usually use an application to soft reset unless it's absolutely necessary to remove the battery.

    In those instances where I have to remove the battery, I just always manually reset to the accurate time on my watch, or use the automatic time sync function (which I then set back to "Nothing" after the time accurately sets, so I don't have the recurring lag problem associated with the automatic time sync setting).
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    I have heard from some that setting the time update to (nothing) will save alot on battery. Anyone know if that's true?

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