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    Hiya there, I searched for headsets and (no surprise here) mostly all came up with bluetooth headsets. That is fine and dandy and at first I thought I wanted that as well (was looking at the Jawbone, so nice ^.^). Then I thought how I like to listen to music and audiobooks alot now with the headsets palm gave me. Now I am thinking I don't want bluetooth because I don't want to switch out the wired headsets when a call comes in and after that put my stereo headset back in to listen to whatever I was listening to (and because of the battery life >.<). (how I wish bluetooth headsets work for 755P....darn you Palm!) Anyway so I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions on the best wired headsets to use, I would like it small like earbuds style and have good sound. Only one I saw so far is the Boxwave Dual handsfree stereo headset. Is there anything else better out there? Thanks again in advance!
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    look at, they make some just for the treo, with an inline mic
    or just headphones that you would need an adapter for
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    The basic Palm ones are actually pretty darn good after they're broken in. Try them for a week and at the end of the week, see what you think.


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