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    I have an unlocked 680 and use AT&T as my cell service provider. Is it safe to do the AT&T ROM Update?

    (I've had a number of annoying things happen with my beloved Treo, including it regularly shuts off/on the phone by itself (3 or 4 times a day,) occasionally locks when getting incoming calls, reboots itself spontaneously and it's latest trick is to sometimes freeze for about 40 seconds - and then suddenly continues onward (this happens a couple of times a day now too.) I have a lot of apps on it - and think a hard reset would help - but can't help wonder if some of this is ROM (bug) related too.)

    Thanks in Advance for Sharing Your Thoughts!
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    My understanding is that it checks the software that is currently installed, so if you don't have cingular branding you won't get far.

    I do remember from Treo 600 days that there is a couple of things you can change to trick it and get it going - and I did see a message that someone had done this.

    However, I think you have a more serious software conflict or perhaps even hardware problem that will not be solved by this ROM update.
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    Use the custom rom update that was posted here.
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    Thanks for the advice rhawley & lisaw.

    It makes me wonder how long it will be before the unlocked ROM update will be out.

    In the meantime - what are the advantages and disadvantages for the custom ROM - could I roll back to my originial if necessary?

    Pilot 1000 (Sept '96 - Orginial 128k - then upgrade to 512k, then 1mb, then custom 2mb,) IIIxe, m130, CLIE NX-60, Treo 680
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    Advantages are really just trimming apps out. And the ability to use the new firmware for the modem. It *feels* like the new firmware is better at handling the radio so there are less pauses. Battery also *seems* to display voltage more accurately.

    There is not a way to go back at this point.

    As far an unlocked update I am not sure if there will be one soon. Cingular->AT&T was certainly a major factor in this version.
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