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    Okay, so here is my situation: I am currently a T-mobile subscriber and have a blackberry with the unlimited data plan for $20.00 monthly. I have a palm TX that I use only to run medical/nursing software that unfortunately isn't available for blackberry and I am sick of carrying two devices. I prefer palm OS to Windows mainly because I am a mac user, and because I am very accustomed to it. As I am sure you all know T-mobile doesn't have any palm based devices at this time, and am considering getting a Treo 680. Hopefully you can help me answer my questions!

    1.) Will my blackberry data plan work with the treo? If not what internet/email plans are appropriate for the device?

    2.) I can buy the unlocked 680 directly from palm for $399.00, are there any better deals?

    3.) If I buy a Cingular 680 from ebay that has been "unlocked" will their be any proprietary cingular installed garbage? When they are unlocked does the cingular splash screen and branding within the software go as well?

    4.) In your opinion what is the best way to do this?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Hello. And welcome to the forums.

    You are in good company here..... here is my situation :

    1. Mac user - check
    2. use palm for medical apps - check
    3. using T-mobile - check
    4. hate carrying 2 devices - check
    5. using cingular unlocked device on t-mobile - check
    6. have a data plan - NO CHECK

    So, basically...was/am in the same boat as you. I would not hesitate getting a Treo 650 or 680. This is a no brainer for you. All your palm medical apps will work well on the device. Your only tradeoff will be screen size. But not carrying 2 devices is fantastic!
    As for the data plans.... that should carry over just fine. This should be a non-issue either. You will have to redirect and intialize emails...etc... blazer (web browser) should work right away.

    Check the GSM section in the forums for more t-mobile data questions/answers.

    But, bottom line:
    Treo is fantastic (battery life is horrendus on the 680)
    no problem with an unlocked cingular treo on tmobile
    no problem with using the device for medical programs
    should be no problem with the data plan

    hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the response! Building on what you said, how horrific is the battery life? will I get a day? I am not sure what software you are using but I primarily use Pepid, Tabers, and a physical assessment database. I don't think that those put much toll on the battery, and wireless would be off while those would be accessed. The 650 is WM based right? If you have a 680, have you ever limited your use because you were fretting it going dead? I suppose I could get an extra battery, I just really like keeping things as simple as possible... The more things I have to remember the less efficient/more chance to screw up I have (hence my world of reference in my pocket)... I can just picture myself using the device a ton because I have my "extra battery" and forget to charge my spare. ha, thanks again.
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    If you are ordering directly through tha palm site you can click on the educators link and get the Treo 680 for $349.
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    The 650 is Palm OS. Rock solid, fast...but low on internal memory.

    The 680 is also Palm OS... Solid, few/no lags, incredible memory. You will get a day of use with it... some have reported 2 days (but not as good as the Treo 650 got a minimum 2 days to 3 days)

    Does not matter what programs you are using, Pepid, epocrates etc.... you should get a decent use out of the unit. If this becomes a real issue for you, you can always get an extended battery, but that requires a "humpback" battery cover - i too like to keep things simple so I opted out of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpinadvl View Post
    The 680 is also Palm OS... ... You will get a day of use with it... ...
    You won't get a day of use with it if you use all of its features; only light users get a full day's use. There are endless complaints on this site about the poor battery life of the 680, especially compared to the 650.
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    I have a Treo 680 on Tmo. It works quite well, much better than my Treos 270, 600 and 650. I use the$19.99 unlimited Tmobile VPN data, but the Tzones, which I think is like $5.99 would work as well. I barely get a day of battery life, and definitely need to charge the Treo every night when I go to sleep. Doing an intermediate charge during the day greatly increases the battery life, of course.

    As to buying a 680, I would pass on a Cingular version. They came only in grey, are branded, and god know what Cingular did to the ROM image. Get an unlocked one, and if you aren't going to use alot of the built-in software, install a stripped down ROM on it.

    BTW, my Treo 680 works with Exchange like a Blackberry! It uses Exchange Activesync, and is very cool.
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    See I have found just the opposite... I totally want a red one, however, those one come from cingular, all of the unlocked ones are grey ;(

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    Quote Originally Posted by csharrigan View Post
    See I have found just the opposite... I totally want a red one, however, those one come from cingular, all of the unlocked ones are grey ;(

    You are right as of now. Originally the colors were unlocked. As of now all unlocked are grey and cingular has the red. No copper and Arctic as of right now.
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