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    Hi I wanted to delete an owner installed application. But instead of that, I've deleted a lot of applications from the man application menu (thinking it was all part of the the software)....can U please tell me what to do now??>..
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    What method did you use to delete the applications?
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    The files you deleted, if it came on the device, are in ROM and getting those back means executing a hard reset. The steps are not difficult. Go ahead and make a backup of your device, execute a hard reset and then reinstall the last backup. That should get you rolling again.

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    Hey Guys...

    I had minitones installed in my treo. I wanted to delete it because when I tried to upload the new software patch it came out as I dint have enough space.

    So I went to minitones, then menu and started deleting the numbers there(something like 77140 and similar numbers like that).. I thought all those were part of the minitones app. I know its crazy...but I seriously thought all those tiny files were part of the minitones....

    But when I took a break and went back to check the main apps(after deleting like 6-7) thats when I realized my mistake...I dont have an uninstaller I think thats what the problem was...

    Anyways, I did a hard reset and then everything is back to normal...:-)....even my call list and the messages...

    Thanx again guys for taking time to answer the question....

    Good luck..
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    Now, if you do not have a lot on the device or those applications that you have are not troublesome or you do not mind reinstalling everything, I would seriously look at an install monitoring application such as Uninstall Manager and a device based backup application.


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