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    I get a few emails at least every 5 minutes during the working day. So its obvious when something is wrong with the mail delivery setup. I have a 750 with Cingular and get consistent UMTS/HSDPA throughout the day. UMTS allows voice and data to happen I should get mail even when I am on the phone. I do get my POP3 mail while on a call, but my GMM email piles up and comes through only after I hang up. Anyone else experience this? I am frequently on 1-2 hour conference calls and this is becoming a big problem.
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    Mine come through while on the phone. As a matter of fact it was so annoying that I actually had to turn off the email notification vibration I was using because the thing was always vibrating in my ear.

    Would be nice if there was an option to disable email notifications while talking on the phone but my IT guy says that the Treo is not able to discern when you are talking on the phone and that the UMTS band just sends the data whenever it wants.
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    Just wanted to share something with you.

    While evaluating Good (back in the 4.7 days), i learned that GMM behaved differently on different carriers.

    For example, on sprint, the application will sync right away (on messages inbound and outbound).

    On Verizon, the application will sync right away on messages in bound, but will queue up messages outbound. I think this was done to lower data usage from the application.

    I am wondering if the behavior is different for other carriers. (some will pause data services while a phone call is made), etc.

    Overall, these small differences weren't a big deal, however i think Good should make a better effort in explaining the differences. This might by why the 750 on Cingular pauses while phone calls are being handled.

    just my 2 cents.
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    Good hypothesis. Chattermail actually has such settings available for the end user to tweak so certainly at least some developers thought that way (and apparently by queuing the outbound messages or queueing messages for times only when there are lots of bars can save battery- so that might also be the motivator????)

    also-just for anyone who didn't know

    on sprint and verizon's network it's not possible to do voice and data concurrently- only GSM can do that if I understand correctly. (next generation evdo- rev A devices apparently will be able to do voice and data on CDMA networks at the same time)

    That clearly is irrelevant in cingular's case but just so people know that about CDMA.

    curious- can you do a manual send/receive while on the phone?
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    yes, I forgot to mention that you can induce a manual send and receive ( very much like in outlook)

    when viewing the messagd, hit the right soft key and it should be there.

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