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    I am starting to get into Desk Accessories, and I was wondering which launcher do you use? Also, what are some of your "must have" Desk Accessories? So far, I am using DA Launcher 4.0b2 with Call Lookup DA, Clockup DA, and Volume DA. I particularly would like a DA that lets me jot a quick memo, and uses the built-in memo database. Thanks in advance!
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    I use LaunchMenu as my DA launcher - one stroke pops up a list of all of my DAs (BTW, the list is configurable and can include regular apps as well as DAs).

    For Memos, I use daMemoPad.

    My favorite DA is ezConvDA - a nice measurement converter.
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    I use App/DA Launcher, which launches both apps and DAs as well as keeping a list of most recently run apps

    My list of "must have" DAs:

    - acGraffiti Ref: useful for special characters and punctuation marks

    - CalCal: basic calculator

    - ClockupDA

    - SHChanger DA: hides/shows private records

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