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    I updated by SD card.
    Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

    Treo600 --> Treo650-->PPC6700-->Treo700P-->Treo755P-->Treo800W --> Touch Pro-->Palm Pre --> EVO 4G
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    Treo Kicks A**!!!
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    OK, I'll say it too. I love my 700p! The MR may not be perfect but it is way better than it used to (so far). In any case, like so may others have said here, for what I use the phone for, I will not find a better phone.
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    Followed the MR instructions to a tee (thanks to the detailed Good instructions) had a few resets when I tried out my old applications for the first time - but now everything works great now.

    Blazer is definately faster, lags are much better, less stuttering, haven't had a reset for since the install. Kinoma and Google maps are working fine as well.

    I am a power user - and nothing can replace the 700p for me (maybe the 755p - but the upgrade seems pointless).

    Say you bought an BMW and it had a lot of problems. Would you freak when BMW came out with a new model instead of making your used car better? No. And what if BMW put the engine and transmission of the New Model into your used car after the new car was released - as a free upgreade? BMW wouldn't do it because it makes you less likely to buy a new car. I'm glad Palm doesn't work like that.
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    I decided to wait on the MR, BECAUSE I love my Treo. And I'm glad I did.
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