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    Hey folks,

    My DTG now gives me the error: "This edition of Documents to GOi is not designed to work on your device." When I first saw it last night, I reinstalled the DTG desktop I had downloaded. Still no go. Any suggestions?

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    Wow, it sounds like your tying to hotsync what you had on your old device to your new one. I had same problem with I tried to hotsync the TH55 version of docs to go to my 650 and found out it gave me that same error. Sometimes the Docstogo versions that are free for the handsets are made to work with only that handset. Might be a time taker here but I suggest hard reset and don't hotsync DTG, I don't remember having to install the DTG desktop to have my DTG working on my 755P.
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    I had the same problem. Within the D2G desktop program there's an option to uninstall from device. I selected that and hotsynced my device. I then did a soft reset and the problem was solved. After I did this I turned off hotsyncing D2G desktop entirely. I was having problems syncing large documents, especially PDF files and now just copy and paste directly to my sd card. Anyone else have this problem?

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