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    My wife dropped her 650 and cracked the screen. it continued to work but it eventially lost the touchscreen capability.

    I bought one online and am attempting to replace it. It is now installed and the treo is back to life BUT.....

    The screen lacks acuity and the digitizer does not work. I can change the general screen colors and brightness in I seem to have control and the screen responds appropriately. The screen is clear, legible etc. but seems to lack acuity and the color resolution is pretty poor.

    I took a picture with the newly repaired 650 and it looks pretty poor on the new screen. Yet when I beam it to another T650 it clear and proper.

    And the digitizer does not work at all.

    Any ideas?

    Did I get a T600 screen? The visual resolution of the screen looks similar but as I recall from replacing that screen in my 600 years ago, the ribbons and contact points were different.

    Or do you think i have a bad screen?

    Is the digitizer controlled in some other manner that could be broken also?

    Help..wife wants her splash shopper back and if she doen't get it...I'll starve.

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    If you cant get the screen to work...

    I have a like new unblemished sprint 650 with about 1500 minutes on it. Its been in a silicone case and had a boxwave screen protector on it since birth, I think the case is a seidio (It has a holster that accomodates it). I also have the Sprint leather case and a 1gb sd card Unopened headset and charger. The box CD manual etc... I will be selling it for $150 + Shipping if I ever get off my **** and put it on Ebay.
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    check to see if it has a screen protector on it. Sometimes they are thick enough to caus a problem especially if it is jammed between the housing and the touchscreen.
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    Well, you can always eat your wife's Treo...

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    I haven't tried to eat the treo and assume that if I did, I would have all the minerals I need and some I don't (lead).

    I did take the screen protector off prior to installation, so that is not the ticket. Boy would I love it to be that simple.

    I'm not a smartphone expert but...

    Are there any other devices out there that use a screen identical to the treo?

    Just trying to figure out what I have and whether there is something I can do about it.

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    digitzer is a thin plastic piece/ stuck to the glass of the LCD.

    check to see if that cable is ripped or torn (conntected to the back of the LCD)

    its a small white thin cable
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    Adding To What Trim81 Said Check The Cable But Also Check The Plastic Cable Retainers Where They Attach To The Board. Make Sure The Are Released All The Way(pulled Up) Then Put The Cable In Make Sure It Is All The Way In. And Then Snap Down Clip.

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