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    i've set OnDemand to update daily at 5:30am but it does not work. is anyone else having this problem? for those of you who are able to auto update, what are your settings?
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    How do you know it's not auto-updating? Do you get an error?

    When you read the news, it has to load it up from wherever it dumped it in memory, it seems... as if it's downloading it all fresh again, which it's not.

    You can prove to yourself that it did update by checking your weather forecast. That has the day and time of the latest update.

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    Since you are using custom settings you have to select the days for it to update. Are the days to update denoted by being highlighted blue or un-highlighted (white background)?
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    all the days are highlighted. and no, i checked the weather and it did not update either.
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    I just notticed that mine is not auto updating too.

    I have to manually push the update button to get my updates.

    It updated fine on my 700p.

    Could be a probem with the software maybe?
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    Not only is mine not auto-updating, but sometimes pushing the "weather" button gives me a soft reset... grrrrr...
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    A little off the subject, but is there any video available from OnDemand? Most of the information from OnDemand-PageOne, appears to be text based. I was hoping to find some news or sports headlines that are in video format.

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