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    I just noticed that after performing a hard reset and pressing the phone button, then datebook button, and then back to the phone app, repeatedly, theres no lag whatsoever, the phone app and datebook app load up instantly.

    But, when I hotsync for the first time and I do the same thing by pressing the phone button, then datebook button and then phone button again, I'm noticing a slight loading delay each time it loads up the phone app.

    So I removed my Palm Desktop and Hotsync from my computer, reinstalled everything from scratch and it still does it. What could hotsync be doing that adds that slight delay? It doesn't bother me at all and is barely noticeable, but I wonder if it has anything to do with the phone lagging sometimes, like when your typing something, it pauses briefly and then catches up.

    Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.
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    In my opinion, the periodic phone lagging, where it freezes for about 5 seconds or so, is caused by the network time synchronization. When I turned off automatic date/time set in Preferences, that lagging went away.

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