I am a basically happy Treo 680 user in Luxembourg but now totally !

I find myself unable to contact somebody at Palm to report my problem:

I have a broken screen - not a guarantee case of course.
I want to pay the 180 to get a new screen !!!
I filled in 20 forms,to try and get a Repair Number from Palm in France and Germany.
I tried with 5 different Visa and MC credit cards that are all confirmed as fully working by other accounts and my bank.
All cards get refused at the end of the extensive formular-procedure.

When I try to use any of their "Contact us" webpages - in any language!! - I fill in further long forms and end up against a brick wall again!!

Can you help me to get a simple e-mail adress of somebody in support or top management or anywhere at Palm. I want to exchange email or SPEAK to somebody in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch or Luxembourgish :-)!

Totally frustrated. Can you imagine ---- already 3 weeks without my Treo!!

And no solution in view!!