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    Hmm, this is weird. I am connected to the internet via my Treo 755p, my airport on my laptop is definitely turned OFF, so I am not connected via WiFi. I just got a call in on my Treo, spoke for about 30 seconds, hung up and expected to be disconnected from internet since a call came in, but I am still connected! How can that happen? I figured when a call came in it would disconnect the bluetooth internet connection?
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    With EVDO, you can take a call and still go back to surfing once your finished with the call.
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    Cool...good to know!
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    Are you using sprints PAM, or another program to connect to the internet? If so, what program, printergirl1?
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    ??? But this happens on my 650 as well. I always thought it always happen like that.? Oh wait, just read about bluetooth, never used that so don't know >.<
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    I'm using Sprint's PAM.

    This never happened on my 650. When I was online and got a phone call it instantly booted me off to take the phone call. Then I had to reconnect.

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