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    This is my first Treo. I was supprised today that I lost the signal in my grocery store. The signal is strong outside there, but once inside I lose the Sprint letters on the phone screen, and the ability to make or receive calls. I have a cheap pay as you go phone that does fine there. HUH?
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    There are a lot of factors to signal strength.

    You pay as you go phone is no indication of how your Sprint phone will do if its not also Sprint.

    It depends on where the closest towers are for a particular provider, usually. Plus of course going in a building creates problems for the RF to get to the phone and back to the tower, so the signal will lower in a building, depending on how thick walls are, how much metal is around, etc.

    Antenna direction also affect things, if your phone is horizontal or vertical can have an affect.
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    Thanks for the info sasq. I didn't expect this but did want some understanding of the reasons behind it. This is a large store and looks pretty solidly concrete.
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    There is a shopping center in the Kahala area that has a marked cellphone no signal area on all phones. It is a pain, but keeps cell phones from being used in the theaters.


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