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    Anyone can help for my problem as mentioned above?
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    I have a Cingular/AT&T Phone, unlocked via eBay and with the Palm update,

    I installed ROM_patch_8 and the default splash screens and so far so good!

    Thanks to all involved in the development and testing, it's great to get rid of the Get * and VersaMail crap!



    my system:
    Software: Treo680-1.09-ATT
    CC-Cap: ATT-ATT-001
    Carrier DB: 292
    Hardware: A
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    I can second the above thanks to the developers, here. I have, so far an hour now, flashed my ATT locked 680 with the cust#1 ROM, according to the instructions. Unless, the extra cache taken up by the deleted apps produces quicker Treo operations, I really can't tell the difference. I use Invisit to hide the unused icons.

    Anyway, I have noticed that I maybe would like to have ptunes back. Does anyone have the ptunes file I could load into RAM? This actually would be prefered method, as I can now delete those 2 music clips loaded into ROM. And while I'm at it, to save another request, DTG would be nice to have on the hard disk just in case...

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    Seems I always encounter error message "APP 8007" when firmware upgrade splash, how to handle that?

    Anyone who can help me?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I was able to update my phone without any problems.
    Thank the author and everyone who deserves the credit.
    I don't use MMS a lot so I can't tell if the MMS is working ok.
    My carrier is Cingular.
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    many thanks for all for custom ROM its great!

    I have a version that has no worldtime and have finally come to the conclusion that well I guess I need it after all.

    does any one have worldtime and if so could they post or PM it?

    Thanks I am most grateful in advance!
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    can't download the custom rom.The page displays:The request timed out before the page could be retrieved.
    Is there another download link?
    Thank you.
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    VersaMail was causing my phone to wake up every 5 minutes to Autosync, even though I did not have Autosync selected. Killed the battery every day and drove me nuts. After much research, and as I was on the last step of creating my own ROM (and therefore risking my Treo's health and my sanity), I discovered your custom ROMs. I downloaded Cust1 with the four AT&T files...Nothing could have been simpler - I only wish I had discovered this thread a week ago. In a half-hour my Treo was back up and running again and not beeping every five minutes, and without VersaCrap and GetGood and XpressMail. Thanks to all who contributed to this.
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    Mine is 1.00/0.63 apr
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    Quote Originally Posted by bebistate View Post
    Anyone know if there is a customized ROM which support characters for different languages?
    I currently use Cust1.
    In Poland, my treo get this message "Invalid Character Set" at the top where the mobile service is supposed to be... It`s annoying.

    However, MMS works perfectly..I have tried in many countries. You guys, make sure your settings are correct. Try on a different cell phone and see if it works.
    Quote Originally Posted by holvoetn View Post
    Same problem with characters not being supported in Poland
    Update: I noticed when arriving in Poland this week I DID get the name on the screen now (FWIW it was first Orange at the airport but later on it switched to PLUS).
    I was also able to got to 'available networks' just to see what the status was with the others: they showed just fine.

    Nothing changed on my device so it must have been a network thingy ...
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    I did James' #2 custom ROM with Versamail.
    Is there a way to view db cache?

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    incoming phone call will be terminated when writing SMS.
    Any advise, anyone ?
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    After much hesitation and lip biting, I went ahead and installed Cust4. Everthing ran smoothly, and the first thing I noticed was that the wallpaper for the phone app was completely different! Went into the phone info, and i've got:

    Firmware: RO1.34
    Software: Treo680-1.09-ROW
    CC-Cap: 000-000-001
    Carrier DB: 292
    Hardware: A

    Now to see how it works with putting my programs and wahtnot back on it!

    edit - i'm on an unlocked 680 that i bought from palm~!
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    I just performed the Cust2 update from and it didn't include Versamail. What happened? How can I fix it? I really need POP3 email on my Treo and Versamail has been good to me.
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    How do you know Versamail is not on ?
    Already checked Unfiled-category ?
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    Hi all

    Following problem:

    I just uploaded jamesgangut's ROM "Cust1" on my unlocked GSM Treo 680. I strictly followed MFBs post #3 in this thread. So far so good.
    After having hotsynced back to get all my data back to the phone, the Treo said I need to reset, which I did.
    But now, my Treo's screen goes black/off after the progress bar on the first splash screen (the one with the orange palm logo and the black progress bar at the bottom) reaches 100%.
    Tried hard reset button, battery in/out, SD card in/out, ... no luck. It always stucks there. Is it dead? If not, how to bring it alive?

    Thanks for your help
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    Can someone please clarify the following so I don't screw up my Treo 680:

    I have a LOCKED Cingular 680 with the latest Palm download applied (1.09)that brands it to AT&T.

    All I need to do is:
    Download the custom ROM from Post #1
    Add the 4 AT&T files from post #5
    Follow the normal update procedure.

    Is there an "original" backup ROM available if one needs to restore back to stock condition or does just using the latest Palm Updater for AT&T do that?

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    Nothing does that. Once you install a custom ROM the original is gone forever. There is no way back. We used to say there is no way back yet, but it is doubtful Palm will issue any kind of such software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MFB View Post
    As per my PM to you, this is expected. I also put instructions on post #3 of this thread that you should exclude carrierprofiles2 and networkprofiles2 when restoring from backup.

    Restoring Data, Final Instructions

    1. Perform a HotSync operation with your Windows pc machine to restore the data you backed up at the beginning. (see *note for hotsync users)
    2. The new sd update has a default carrier db of 292.
    3. If you used software such as resco backup, full restore as usual but exclude carrierprofiles2 and networkprofiles2. Reset afterwards

    *note for hotsync users - Using filez or resco explorer, delete carrierprofiles2 and networkprofiles2. Reset afterwards

    Software is now 1.09 ROW but it Phone Info hasnt been updated since we did it manually. Do the sd update, it should work. Again, please read post #3 and follow instructions.
    is there a way to restore Carrier DB from 292 to 355 ?
    I have problem receiving sms from certain overseas telco

    ### manage to flash in DB 355
    - NetworkProfiles2.PDB
    - CarrierProfiles2.PDB
    but still unable to receive sms from Citibank global sms server
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    I'm used to the Treo 650 where you can save the original ROM and then just reflash it if it's previously been modified. So what your saying is, once you modify it (remove programs) you can never go back to how it was? So if you sell it later that's how it stays.

    Wait a sec .... If no one has a dump of the original how were they able strip it down and reflash it to the custom roms?

    Now I'm really confused. Or maybe you misunderstood my question.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    Nothing does that. Once you install a custom ROM the original is gone forever. There is no way back. We used to say there is no way back yet, but it is doubtful Palm will issue any kind of such software.

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