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    Anyone gotten a new stylus yet? Palm is giving away a three pack of them if you buy the Palm Air Case, but it says they are for the 680/750. Is the stylus slot the same size for the 755P? I am wondering if they will work.
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    I've ordered the case and styli. They haven't come yet, but I hope they work, because Palm's website says that the styli are for the 680/750 on one page, but on another it says that they are for 680/750/755p. I guess they just haven't finished updating the site yet.
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    That is what made me question it chcswa. Would love to know it the stylus works when you get it. Let us know.
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    Will do. I think has some other issues as well, since the site wouldn't process my credit card correctly, and I had to call them to complete the transaction. But they were very nice about it, and I've gotten confirmation that the order is in process.
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    Thanks! is weird at times. Had that happen before myself. Really hoping that the stylus fits. Would like to hear about the case too. I am considering getting it.
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    Becareful though, I head that the metal stylus lowers your signal and that i why they made it rubberized.
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    ^ Where did you hear that? I don't know how an aluminum stylus could hurt signal strength. I wouldn't mind a decent plastic stylus though, the one that comes with the 755p is just so flimsy. I'm holding out for a decent pen stylus.
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    I read it around here in the 680 forums, someone said they had their signal at 3 and with their metal stylus they had it went down to 0.
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    That seems really weird that it could really have an effect like that. Oh well...
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    Maybe had a different brand than everyone else used. Not alot of people complained about bad signal.
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    Lupe these stylus are supposed to work in the 680 too so they must be a material that will work in phones without antennas.
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    Nevermind, my brain just woke up and did lil test. Even if they were metal, it should work. I just replaced my 755P with my 650 and I didn't see any diffrence changed. I made a few calls, surfed the net. Still the same so it seems all is good , sorry for the scare >.<
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    Cool! Now we just have to find out if these for the 680/750 fit the stylus slot.
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    I don't like the flimsy stylus either - I rather enjoy my T|X's stylus but it won't fit in the 755p. I looked around the house to find something else to use, but all I found was some ground beef -- bad idea. It made the screen all smudgy and sticky.
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    ROFL. I like my TX stylus a lot. That is what makes this one seem so flimsy. It also is harder to get a good tap out of it, but then it runs rings around ground beef so maybe it isn't so bad.
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    My ink pen stylus for the 680 works fine with my 755p...a perfect fit.
    Sprint 755p, 700p, 650 - I am not a geek! Really!
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    I received my aircase and 3 stylus pens yesterday, the pens have plastic tops like the stock ones, but the top unscrews from the pen half, with the three pen halves, come 6 tops, 3 for the 755p, and 3 for the 680, by the way. the air case is just so , so, it is a lot bulkier then the seidio was on my 700p, and the clear smooth plastic is slippery,and shows every small scratch, defeats the purpose of the rubberized paint
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    My stlus has not come out of its place other than to calibrate the touchscreen.
    Get with the program guys, Treo - one hand ops, no styli.
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    While its true that you really don't need a stlus for a treo but there are some apps that needs it, MoePaint, Bejeweled(thoug you don't need it, you do play faster with it) Warare inc..etc.
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    I think I use my stlus more as a real pen then as an actual stylus, it is handy to ALWAYS have a pen
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