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    Every 15 minutes my 650 sounds as if it is being plugged in. When I look at the display it shows the apps that are on the card.

    If I take the card out it doesn't happen. The card is good because I can use the applications on the card.

    Unsure what this is. Any suggestions??
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    It is the corrupted SD card. Despite it still "working"

    I had this problem and it was solved when I changed the card.
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    Thanks for the reply. I will change the SD card
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarvee View Post
    Thanks for the reply. I will change the SD card
    You can check this by simply removing the SD card and see if your Treo behaves normally.
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    I had done that originally, and it didn't behave that way. So I checked the applications on the card and they worked, which is kinda what confused me. But I took out the card and replaced it with my camera SD card, and it seems to be working fine now. So I will have to purchase a new SD card.

    Thanks for your help

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