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    Hello - I am a newbie with an 'UNLOCKED' 680. So far so good, but here is where I need help. I read number of messages but could not find the answer.

    I have a pre-paid T-Mobile sim card which I added to 680, and tried to access T-Zones (T-Mobile states that you can access T-Zones with the prepaid card). The connection is established but no page is displayed to any of the URL I tried to connet to. After a number of seconds I get a message "The page downloaded could not be completed. Please try again later." I have tried this in NY & NJ with same results.

    I thought that probably I need to modify the proxy, but when I go to Preference>Network, there is a Locked symbol and am unable to access 'Modify', because it is locked. (I hope this has not locked the phone - please confirm).

    Please advise how to access T-Zones on a prepaid T-Mobile card. Thanks
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    Open up blazer. Go to preferences. advanced. set proxy.

    check use custom proxy. Type in your proxy there.

    T-zones will now work.
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    The T-Zones proxy server is: port 8080.
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    Thank you - This works. Followup questions:

    1. now that I am in T-Zones, with a prepaid sim, when I try to access googlemap, yahoo etc, it states 'Your plan does not support this feature'. Is there a way around it.

    2. How would I be able to access aol, yahoo emails directly through their web sites.

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    T-Zones only allows limited access to WAP sites. For about six months they had no restrictions on internet access, but they shut it down in most areas over the last 2-3 months. At this time, I'm only aware of access to the T-Mobile T-Zones home page,, which has links to CNN, ABC News, and ESPN, and ( If you want/need internet access, you're going to need to switch to AT&T's prepaid, which is much more expensive than T-Mobile To Go, or switch to a postpaid plan.

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