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    If you check my original solution above i totally agree:


    BUY A NEW CARD - proper sized sd not mini-crap thing

    Then format FAT32 (this is the only help I got from palm - its the best format they claim for any sd card in the treo)


    And it all works fine.

    Cant think they did too much checking on this before they started selling it.

    Massively unimpressed - particularly since whilst palm at least responded to my support email (admittedly with a load of incorrect babble and bollox) - TomTom and the company palm uses to ship the TomTom (luzerntech) have not even bothered to reply to my support emails.

    Fantastic customer service.

    I will use mine because it now works and was free.

    Will advise friends to use non-tomtom and non-palm in future!
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    I'm agree with you.

    After a lot of test (see my precedent posts), and formats, I bought a new SD CARD.

    No freeze, no bug, tomtom is running perfectly. I bought SANDISK Ultra SD II 1Go with USB which is useful.
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    More info, after further experience ...

    I moved TT onto a 2GB card, having decided to buy the complete maps of Europe (1.7GB!). I formatted the card FAT32 before copying everything, and it ran like a dog. Even just planning a route was painfully slow.

    I then thought I'd try FAT16, because that didn't seem to have caused any problem on a good 512MB card, and it now runs fine.

    So I'm not convinced about the Palm support guy saying "FAT32 is best" - I think it may well depend on the application. For high-volume read/write, larger clusters can be more efficient (uses more RAM for buffering, but fewer I/O operations). TT obviously reads large amounts of data, so I can see why the large clusters in FAT16 would work better.

    I haven't yet tried formatting FAT32 with large clusters. Default is 4k, the max for a 2GB volume would be 16k. FAT16 on 2GB uses 32k clusters.

    If I get round to trying it I'll post the results (takes a while to copy the whole 2GB off and on again )

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