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    is there such a thing? some of my keyboard's letters stopped working (like z and b and n...) and now I had to do a hardreset as my phone application disappeared all together.. and i could not get thru keyboard setup as it wants me to press Z, which does not work! so is there any applications i can do onscreen typing instead???otherwise any ideas how to repair my letters? my 650 is pretty old and not under warranty! when i press those letters i can hear the click but nothing happens... :-(
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    you could always try graffitti anywhere, and go back to that method. I have seen programs out there that do have a silky keyboard.

    check out the ones on the link above.
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    I'm not sure what "keyboard setup" you're doing. If you're in any app that you have to type, you can always pull down the menu and select "Keyboard" and an onscreen keyboard will popup with a window to enter text in.
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    Welcome back! Haven't seen ya on the boards in awhile.
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    menu + K usually brings up the onscreen keyboard
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    Welcome back! Haven't seen ya on the boards in awhile.
    Hi Cadman!

    I'm on sporadically, once in awhile. With the kids off school now, we spend the days at the pool, working on our tans... How's the new baby? Adorable I'm sure...
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    He has a bit of an infection in his eye...his tear ducts? He's doing good. My older son loves him and wants to help when we change diapers, etc.
    Of course, put my treo in front of my son and he is in heaven.
    There used to be a kids program that generated colors and shapes randomly, almost like a screen saver. If only I could find it again my newborn would become a treo addict as well.

    Found it. Its babyblink!!
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    Have you tried MobiFish? My daughters love it!

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