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    OK I have been using my treo 680 gsm unlocked for a while now and love it.
    I have been using veramail as normal for years until now. It seemed to happen when I downloaded the latest palm 680 gsm updater re thre security patch. Now I am having problems sending emails using versamail.
    I can recieve them but when I try and send I get the following error:

    550 R CPT
    TO: (my email adress) Relaying not alowed - please use SMTP AUTH

    Please can you let mem know what is going on and who else has had the same arror.
    Many many thnaks,
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    That should have read:
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    Did you check your settings? Something similar happened to me recently that for some reason reset my seetings. It somehow lost my 'outgoing' settings.. just double check..

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