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  • 1mb flash & 8mb or 16mb RAM

    33 76.74%
  • 8mb or 16mb flash

    4 9.30%
  • same old patches

    5 11.63%
  • 8mb or 16mb RAM

    1 2.33%
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    dont you think handspring should include a meg of flash memory for future upgrades?especially since their patches dont seem to do much for palm os VOTE
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    It is my opinion that it does not really matter. HS makes slight improvements before shipping the OS anyway. There are really no advancements in OS4.0 that would convinve me an upgrade is something I need. By the time Palm, Inc. releases an OS that truly warrants an upgrade I am sure that I will be ready for new equipment.

    I know there are some users who want the newest OS and feel somewhat cheated that HS does not use Flash ROM. I also know that no matter what HS does or what Palm does or HandERA does, somebody is going to want more. It is this attitude that drives technology forward and allows for so many competitors to exist. If HS offered Flash ROM then those same people would scream that the OS is never updated enough and does not offer new enhancements. If it did, they would be screaming that it is not backwards compatible or their hardware is to outdated to support the feature set. Then they would be right back to needing new equipment.

    We are junkies, addicts, hooked on technology and each new innovation. It does not matter what is here today we are begging for tomorrow. I love my Prism and yet still I yearn for the M505 and the new Clie. Not because they acclompish something so much greater than my Prism but they each offer something I do not have.

    The thing I have to force myself to remember is I bought a PDA to assist in keeping track of personal information. I can say with certainty my Prism does this without fail.
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    One feature that I needed my VDx to have was to direct the serial connection through the IR port. Only 3.5 and higher do that, if I had kept the VDx I would have needed to spend $20. That factored into my Prism purchase.

    I think flash is important to features like that, but in terms of appearance features I couldn't care less.
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    With the price of the VDx now I was tempted to buy one as a back-up unit for things like when I have my Prism expanded to 16Mb However, since it has OS3.1H and several pieces of software/hardware I have require 3.5 or higher I will not buy one. Given the minor cost of making the OS upgradeable I think HS has made a huge mistake. Especially since they place such marketing emphasis on the expandability of the visor. IMHO.
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    My edge does what I need it for. No matter how many flash upgrades the Palm OS undergoes, my edge will still do what I need it for. In my opinion, jacking the resolution up is of more importance than including flash RAM. If there's a hardware innovation, flash RAM doesn't matter. You can't increase screen resolution or implement battery upgrades with flash RAM. And since the biggest disadvantages to the Palm OS are the hardware issues (and flash RAM would only allow advantages with regard to software issues), I don't think it's a big deal at this point. It would've been with the solo/deluxe so as to implement software support for the hardware capabilities, but now with the plat, prism, and edge, the hardware's capabilites are fully taken advantage of with the OS (unless the hardware allows for real-time streaming mulitmedia, mp3, etc. without public knowledge).
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    the slight price increase does not justify the lack of flash memory. I will no longer buy electronic devices that do not allow firmware/OS updates. At this point in time it is simply not justified. Even my MP3 player has easily upgraded firmware. Planned obsolesence is never for the custmers benefit. In this case it is also not in HS best interest. I know of at least three VDx sales that have been lost in the past week simply because it has OS 3.1 and it cannot be easily upgraded without some serious kludges. That is just from my personal knowledge. When my Prism needs to be replaced, if the then current visors cannot have their OS easily upgraded I will simply buy another manufacturers unit. A visor is a tool, not a religion.
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    Iknow I've said this before but,

    if HS were tomake their products with Flash memory, they would also have to spend a lot more money on software engineers since HS would then have to release custom versions of the OS whenever Palm comes out with a new one. Plus, you have the problem with the few who do not wait for HS to release a custom version of the OS and instead try to install Palm's. Now they're springboards don't work since the OS does not support it. And guess where we'll hear all of these people yelling about the fact that their Springboard's dont' work and they can't sync their visor?
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    if we are only going to make products that are safe from the technologically inept then i am afraid technology is going to grind to a very quick halt. Products need to be developed that push the envelope as well as serve the middle of the market. Handsprings line of PDA's are not very diverse technologically. The niches they fit are only differentiated by economics not technology (other than the nice color screen on the Prism).

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