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    It freeze at the first palm splash, before the start progress displays,
    Is there any way that I can recover it by reflashing the ROM.
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    Installed any new applications?

    Have u tried a Warm Reset (holding up on d-pad whilst u remove and re-insert battery, keep up held down?).

    If that works u will need to delete the rogue application causing the problems then soft reset.

    If real bad try a hard reset - see Palm Site for details.
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    Because I modified the, and my update failed:-(
    My 680 freezes before the OS starts, I mean before the start progress bar displays,
    since the 680 seems don't have a boot loader like 650, does that means my 680 is completely dead?
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    Most likely it is.
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    You'll probably have to wait until a bootloader is available to fix it...
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    Bootloader was a mode avaliable on the 650. It was just used to safely access the different memory areas on the Treo so you could change things. The nicer bootloader of the 650 is not in the 680 nothing we can do about that. It may be possible to upload a known good rom via serial but no one has gotten that far yet. The previous tools for custom roms will not work at this time for the 680.
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