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    For years now I've gone to sleep with my Treo 600 under my pillow streaming somaFM's Groove Salad for 30 minutes or an hour.

    Sometimes I web surf to get tired.

    Tried it for the first time with the 755p the other night and after about ten or fifteen minutes the device got really hot and then the screen went black. The keys still lit up but it's kinda hard to do anything if the screen is black.

    I removed/replaced the battery and the screen came back. After a few minutes it went black again.

    I tried switching to a lower bitrate 24k stream. Still no satisfaction.

    I'm going to try streaming again tonight. Has anyone else run into problems when streaming audio for extended periods of time?

    Has anyone else experienced overheating problems or the screen going black?
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    Yeah I felt my 755P warm up after a while but thats mostly when I have it in my tight pockets and when I let it out it didn't get so hot then. I guess needs room to breathe now ;_;
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    I have also noticed that pocket tunes seems to heat up the treo 755p more than it did for the treo 600. After a two hour flight of listening to music, the 755p was a bit warmer than I expected.

    I experienced a similar problem with the screen turning off on the 755p. The last thing I did one evening with the treo was hit the power button to pause a bejeweled game (and thus turn off the screen). About an hour later, I was going to bed, pulled the phone out of my pocket and turned the ringer back on (for my alarm), only to be surprised by bejeweled's funky music playing. I also noticed that the treo was far warmer (almost hot) than I can ever remember my treo 600 ever being.

    When I went to turn on the screen to exit the game, the screen would not turn on. I was getting frustrated and about 5 seconds away from pulling the battery out when the screen finally came on. I decided to finish the game and then go to bed. However, less than a minute into using the treo, the screen suddenly went black again and would not turn back on again (it was still quite warm). Once again, it took some patience to wait ~45 seconds for the screen to come back on, at which time I exited bejeweled, the music quit, and treo was turned off.

    The only thing I can conclude is that there is some sort of built in functionality to prevent the touchscreen from turning on if the unit is heated to a certain point.

    Oh, and that apparently the 755p will work better as a hand warmer than the 600 used to.
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    Yes, me too. I streamed music 2 days ago through PTunes. For some reason I can't get the screen to turn off when using PTunes, even when I go to a different application with PTunes running in the back. Anyway I let it run while I fell asleep, about 4:30 AM I heared clicking sounds coming from the 755. I picked up the 755, and it was hot, the screen was out but the keys were illuminated. I tried to wake up the 755, but instead it some how dialed the last person I called. I had to pull the battery out to stop it.
    Last night I streamed music through Kinoma. The 755 played all night, and did not get warm. In fact no problems. Could the issue be PTunes?
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    Sounds like another pTunes problem.
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    I believe its the radio in the treo that's causing the heat. It did the same thing in my 700P when I would stream for a long time, I think its built into the treo to turn the screen off when its hot. If you notice, if you ever charging the treo and are using the phone at the same time, the screen will go black after a while and the keys will remain on. Sometimes the screen will dim its self if its hot due to surfing the web or charging and talking on the phone at the same time. I hope that helps.
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    I'm streaming now and web surfing. After about 15-20 minutes the screen dimmed. I adjusted the dimmer and noticed that the screen goes black at about 20%.

    A few minutes later the screen went dark. I was able to get it to come right back by hitting Option+P then "right" on the 5-way.

    Practice adjusting the dimmer without touching the screen so you'll know how to do it if your screen goes dark.

    Phone wasn't on the charger tonigt and it took a lot longer to heat up.
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    I too have had the symptom of the backlight turning off after the 755p gets HOT. I agree it depends on how high your brightness is adjusted on how it acts. If you have the brightness set at about 50% and you get the Heat error the display will usually just get dimmer. If you have the dimming feature on (Function & Menu keys) the backlight turns off. In this OFF condition if you look at the screen at an angle you will see that the LCD screen is on but the backlight is OFF.

    Like someone else posted if you hit the (Function & P keys) to bring up the brightness adjustment by looking at the screen at an angle you can move the slider towards 100% and the backlight turns back on.

    Question ? Is this backlight turn off by design or is this a BUG ?

    I called both Sprint and Palm level one support and as I thought would happen level one support does not have a clue on this problem. After they gave me an answer that they thought I would like to hear I forced Sprint level one support to get me to talk to level two support.

    Level two support listened a little better and after I forced the issue admitted that they did not have an official answer. Off the top of there head they tried to hint that this might be a normal function. I asked if it is a normal function why is it NOT discussed in the 755p User Guide. Then the second level support gave in and said that they would bump up the problem to third level support and get back to me within a week with a PALM answer.

    They said that third level support does not talk directly to customers so I hope that third level support is actually Palm and not the outsourced help desk.

    I personally think that this is a hardware bug and not a means to conserve battery power because when the backlight goes dim or Off the keyboard keys are still lit.

    I will post back when I heard back from level two(three) support.

    I don't feel comfortable taking it to Sprint repair yet as feel this might be bug on all 755p's. It has been around 85 degrees outside and the problem fails faster out in the hot weather. I don't think a lot of 755p users are pushing there units yet by running aps like PKTunes and using the Palm at the same time for other aps. Only time will tell.

    One last observation. When the failure occurs if you stop the high activity from running for a few minutes the backlight comes back after a Power button press.

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    This happened on my Treo 700p as well, it only happens if your streaming for awhile or on the phone and charging it at the same time for awhile. The brightness control does nothing as far helping the problem. I've had this happen when I would stream for awhile at work, it would get hot, and then the screen would dim and the keys would remain on, as soon as you hit a function button it will go back to normal, depending on hot warm it is, the screen will come back on but still some what dim. I've had all of my treo's screen set to max bright, and on all of them I've never had a problem unless I was streaming, or using the web or charging and talking on the phone at the same time for awhile.
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

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    I was told by pTunes support that it will happen if pTunes is streaming music and charging at the same time.

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    This has happened to me on all my Treo's (600, 650, and 700p) after streaming for a very long time. Sometimes I've driven from VA to NH streaming the entire route. After a reset everything was back to normal. I have not tried yet with the 755p.
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    I just learned how to stream music this weekend.

    Got the correct version of PTunes *thanks msg boards * and was streaming music from Shoutcast.

    Anyway, the Treo not only got hot but ran down the battery. On and off streaming close to two hours, I was down to 45% battery life and dropping. I then plugged in the car charger. On the plus side, this Treo battery charges pretty quickly.

    I didn't know if was normal or not. Glad to see that I'm not the only one. But the phone got very hot. I wanted to know if you can use another program to stream music.
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    This dimming happened to me on the 650 a few times. It's definitely related to charging and over-using (in a sense) the radio. Constant data gets the radio hot, and I think that the driver for the backlight will turn off if it senses things get too warm. I'm guessing it's a feature of that driver chip and while it's known to the people who manufactured the device, the support people probably have never heard of it.

    So, I'm thinking that streaming music and charging at the same time will cause this issue at times. While the device CAN stream for hours, I suspect that it wasn't necessarily designed to do so. Really, when you're at home next to the charger and a computer, there are better ways to stream music. I think it was more intended for a half hour here and there when you're out walking the cat.

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    My screen turns off but the keyboard light stays on anytime I am listening to audible. Charging or not. To avoid this, I have to hit the red button myself instead of letting shut off by itself
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    I've streamed some music with the 755p using the built-in Kinoma. My phone gets hot to the point of where I worry about it. This will happen whether I have it in my pocket or sitting on a table, so the above poster that thought it was due to being enclosed was wrong. And to whom mentioned it was a Ptunes issue, note that I am using Kinoma.

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    My phone does it as well while streaming with Kinoma, most of the time if I need to see the screen I just boost the brightness higher and it eventually comes on, albeit dim. I don't think its a 'bug' per say, its a feature to keep the phone cool. I think however they may be a little bit overzealous with turning it off. They probably should boost the temp before it does it.

    I think people are a little too obcessed with heat sometimes.. you have to remember most computer chips like CPUs are designed to run EXTREMELY hot.. Most CPUs never get anywhere near their temp limits with heatsinks and fans in modern PC's.. but just because its hot, doesn't mean its a problem.
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    I believe you are hitting the thermal barrier of one or more of the componets inside the Treo. You have to remember although the Treo can stream music and play TV, I think it is designed for short stints. Unlike computers, monitors, and LCD panels, there are no active (fans) or passive ventalation to let heat escape from the Treo, the heat is trapped inside with no place to go, so the Treo simply gets warmer the longer you stream music or watch TV. Unless it is redsigned with some way to let internal heat escape, I believe you will hit thermal limits of the internal
    components. I don't believe there is a way around that fact unless programs can run more efficently causing less thermal build-up and less drain on the battery which also generates heat but also with no way to escape.

    I have this problem when I watch Sprint TV which seems to dim my screen in only 30 to 40min of play time, which I finally cured. I was going to post that in this thread, but realized you guys were talking about streaming music - not screen dimming.


    If you watch TV and you are curious on how to make your screen stay on longer before it dims - here are three links for you - hope it will help. It works for me.


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