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    Like many of you, I installed the ROM update as soon as it came out. After a few days I'd like to share a few observations.

    - Installation went pretty smoothly. All my data was preserved. I had to reinstall PocketTunes and Google maps but everything else was pretty much okay.

    - After the installation was complete, I did a reset, (pulled out the battery and SIM) and when it came back up, my Treo switched from Cingular to AT&T in the upper left hand corner. (The other two Cingluar cell phones in my house, non-Treos, still say Cingular.)

    - Battery drain seems to be less. During the course of a normal day with the phone sitting idle, it dropped less than 10%.

    - After charging for a couple of hours the battery indicator, for the very first time, says "100%". In the past, the best I ever got was "100% Charging".

    - In the past when the unit was unplugged the indicator would immediately drop from 100% to 90-92%. Now when unplugged , it only drops to 99%.

    These are unscientific observations, to be sure, but they are encouraging. I am anxious to see how the battery holds up this week while I travel.

    I would love to hear other's observations.
    Dennis G. Esler
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    When I installed the update my battery meter went from reading in the high 90s when I took it off the charger to reading about 80%. I ran it into the ground, and it stayed at 0% for around 2.5 hours. I tried the various suggested methods of warm resets with the charger plugged in, both with the wall charger, and with the USB charger. I found that by taking the phone off the charger, watching the meter drop 20 points, charging to green, then 15, charging to green again and repeating this cycle, that I was able to get the meter to read 99% by the end of the day. The next day, today, I have been at work for 15 hours now and still am 58% charged. This is with 25 calls and some a few text messages. (No time for internet use...)

    I think this is an improvement in battery life. I also think the update had an effect on the battery meter calibration that recovers spontaneously with multiple charge and disconnect cycles.
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    I don't see very much improvement. Maybe the OS is a bit more stable. None of the 680 handsfree problems have been fixed (feedback, 2nd call drops first, 680 stuck in headphone mode even thought the car is off, etc.)

    Seems like it was done mainly so AT+T could rebrand all the cingular phones.

    I'm very dissapointed.
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    I gotta agree with Rich, I see no changes, only more trouble. My phone had been pretty good. Very few resets when on calls, battery pretty good. But now I see it turn itself on for no reason, still hangs when I try to do anything, and it has reset itself three times for no reason.

    It did change the splash screens, but my phone still says Cingular in the upper left.

    FWIW, Metro Detroit area. Traveling to Vegas on Thursday, we shall see what happens out there.
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    I updated as soon as I noticed the update was available. I chose to do a hard reset before doing the update then I reinstalled all my apps and data from scratch. My impressions are below:

    1) Battery life and meter have noticably improved. After a normal days use today, my battery meter is now sitting at 92% where it normally would be sitting at around 79-80% (Seido 2400).

    2) Switching betwen applications is also noticably faster.

    3) Was having an occasional Phone software problem, so for so good.

    3) Memory management seems better.

    4) Free memory now at 24MB where before the update it averaged around 4.1MB to 5MB (I'm sure reinstalling all of my software helped also).

    There are other things to be fixed or improved but the major issues I had seem to have been fixed.

    Hope everyone's update goes well!
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    When I download the ATT680Updater (which I have several times) and doubleclick (even when I have unzipped in a separate folder) it begins to uncompress the files then nothing. Suggestions please....

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