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    Palm OS (Garnet) has taken some real hits lately, especially with respect to stability. Stability most definately is an issue with Palm on current Treos and Palm "INC" needs to address this. However, I think the one thing that is lost on some of the complaints I'm seeing is the "ZEN" of Palm. The Palm GUI is perfect for a smartphone: It makes sense, it is easy to understand, and one handed operation is a breeze.

    Windows Mobile and OS X "Mobile", on the other hand, were not designed with Smartphones in mind. Go back and read the history behind the Apple GUI and by influence the Windows GUI. What made these OSs, GUIs, what they are today is the combination of a visual interface and a revolutionary pointing device, the mouse. Try to use either Windows or OS X without a mouse and see how usable the are... They are very difficult to use. With a mouse, these OSs help us to work seamlessly with the tools we need to do our jobs, but without a mouse it is next to impossible to do anything.

    Just because Windows and OSx are good operating systems for a desktop doesn't mean they would be good OSs for a smartphone. In fact, the "design" behind the windows GUI and OSx GUI don't work well on a smartphone.. The last thing us smartphone users want to do is pull out the stylus, which is exactly what is needed to make these OSs shine. They need pointing devices... This can be a mouse, a stylus, or your finger. Without a pointing device, the GUI behind these OS's suck.

    Palm OS via Garnet has figured this out and so has Blackberry. Neither require a pointing device and both are heads above Windows Mobile and Apple OSx in terms of usability on a smartphone.

    In my opinion, Palm needs to abandon the entire OS development effort. There are many others out there developing OSes and doing it well. What Palm needs to focus on is the GUI. They need to develop a GUI that will give us the "Palm Zen" on multiple OSes: OS X, Windows Mobile, Linux Moble, etc. I could care less "who" makes the OS kernal running on my mobile PDA(Apple, Microsoft, or the Linux community), but I do care about the GUI. The GUI needs be simple yet effective, should not require a pointing device, and should be expandable.

    I would really hate to lose the Palm OS, and thereby the Palm Zen, just because Palm, Inc. felt they had to support an entire OS. How about Garnet on Windows Mobile? How about Garnet on OSx? How about Garnet on Linux? Any of the above would be fine with me if I had the usability of my 700p with the stability associate with these OSs.

    Just some thoughts.

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    I agree about how useable Palm is, its very one handed friendly and thats why its pretty hard for me to jump to another handheld. iPhone flash made me all hyped up but after a while of thinking I saw that it wouldn't do that good for one handed work...and not to mention that one home button, kinda sucks to enter an app, go home just to enter another app. At least with the 'dumb' phone we can have shortcuts. Jobs was right about the lower portion of the phone not being able to change a thing about the buttons, but ya know what, it is the application that is usually made around the buttons and they work very well. I would be verrrry happy though if ya mixed Palm one handed work with Apples OS GUI. Teams like GX-5 is making my Treo feel good, they even edited Palm one handed operation a bit, well, just tweaked it to look good. You don't have the lil halo glow around the buttons but have a nice lil fade which looks good, and some transparency.
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    I really think Palm should focus on developing a GUI that sits on top of other OSs. The trick then is providing some type of compatibility with all of the Palm apps out there. I would think that some type of VM could provide this.
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    I am using a Windows Mobile Smartphone, so there is living proof that the OS can be made to function completely without a touchscreen.

    The Zen of the Treo is in its combination of hardware and software, and the thought that goes into putting the two together. Thats why WM will never feel as good as PalmOS on a Treo or the blackberry OS on a blackberry, or OSX on a Mac. One of the main feature of the iphone is the software support for the tilt sensor and the multi-touch screen. You cant get that kind of intergration if you dont make your own hardware and software.

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    You may have a point if Palm actually update the ancient launcher. We can't even rename or reorder the icons in the launcher for gods sake!
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    Palm is majorly lacking the basics, let alone being innovative...
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    Quote Originally Posted by surur View Post
    I am using a Windows Mobile Smartphone, so there is living proof that the OS can be made to function completely without a touchscreen.
    That, I would like to see. Just because WM is on your smartphone doesn't mean you can use it with one hand. I have 5 windows mobile devices here in my office and running them one handed is possible, but very frustrating and limited in what you can do.

    I don't have a WM treo, but played around with one over at the Verizon store and the interface is mostly identical to the WM devices I have here in my office.

    You are honestly saying that you can get FULL functionality out of your WM Treo without your sylus? I can with my 700P. In fact, I rarely pull my stylus out anymore and when I do it is usually to select things on a webpage that doesn't render well on my small display.

    IMO, the Zen of palm is more the intereface and ease of mobile use, than what's under the hood.


    Slight Correction: I do recognize that the "Q" runs some type of WM and it does not have a touch screen. I'm not familar with these devices at all, but from what I've read they have some short comings with respect to the version of WM running on Treos, etc. Maybe thre is some hope for WM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gzartman View Post
    You are honestly saying that you can get FULL functionality out of your WM Treo without your sylus?
    Yes, that's absolutely correct. The only time I take out my stylus is to play a game once in awhile. I launch applications, search for a contact, play music, surf the web, browse the file system, write/read email, etc, etc. Oh yeah, I forgot, they only time I need to touch the screen is an app like SlingPlayer Mobile which does not yet support WM5 style soft key menus.

    IMO, the Zen of palm is more the intereface and ease of mobile use, than what's under the hood.
    The Zen of Palm has been applied (well) to WM5 and makes for a great one-handed phone.
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    Windows Mobile Standard phones of course do not have touchscreens, and are increasingly popular. Examples include the Moto Q, Samsung Blackjack and T-Mobile Dash, or the device I am using currently, the HTC Vox. I can assure you that one-handed navigation works fine, and the Smartphone version of Newsbreak seems feature-equivalent to the PocketPC version. Same for Pocket Outlook etc. Its a nice little device, but not so great for heavy data entry however.


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