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    on the treo when u miss a call, u get that popup window that u can view and or callback the person, i no longer get that popup, i only get the bell in the cornor, i am not sure which program could be possibly messing with this ...

    i am using takephone, Dialbyphoto, butler, phone technician, lightwav...

    any ideas

    i think it might have something to do with lightwav, call profile.plugin, and or call notes... one of those extras....?

    does that popup time out after a few minutes? and then go away?

    i dont want it to go away until i clear it.......
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    I have three applications that fight for control of this option and once in a while forget which one has the last say. I have it enabled in Butler and it now maintains control.

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    can u explain more, what is enabled in butler...

    not referring to attention manager or leds, just the popup screen that says u missed a call and gives u option on what u want to do

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    On my device, Butler is very persistent in maintaining control of its many functions. What I have done is disabled similar functions in other applications as a matter of habit, which now makes figuring out what does what a lot easier.

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    does your popup for missed calls go away after a certain time frame?
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    No, it just stays there, though the device will time out. It is really the settings I use more than anything. The need to be nagged. Ben
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    You can press and hold the center nav button to pop up the list of alerts. Try that and see if it fixes the problem.
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    ya that takes me to system alerts but i would rather the pop up screen stay there instead of looking for bell in the cornor then holding then picking number to call back

    if popup screen is still there all i have to do is hit the call back button
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    My missed call alert pops up, but with a delay. It used to come up immedately after i miss the call, but now it pops up 10 to 60 seconds later. What's up with that?
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    does that popup that says missed call stay there until u clear it or after some time it clears by itself and just minimizes to the bell in the cornor?
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    It stays up on the screen as a missed call until I clear it.
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    it looks like my missed call popup clears when my screen shuts off, when I turn back on my screen the bell is just there no more popup....?
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    some people are saying that there missed call or sms popup stays there until they clear manually, hmmm

    mine times out after some time and goes just to the small bell in the cornor...
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    Do you have additional alerts? Try clearing them and see if it pops up with that being the only alert.

    Mine does, but when I have others waiting I only get the alert page with all of them.
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    i tested with just one alert, and still after some time the popup goes away when i wake up my screen and i just see the bell in the cornor....
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    this is driving me crazy

    the pop up i am referring to looks something like this, this one is from an sms but same issue happens when u miss a call or voicemail popup

    i see the popup but after about 2 minutes it goes away and when i turn on screen i just see bell in the cornor

    i tried using resco backup to determine the apps which are causing the issue but i wasnt able to narrow it down to one

    for the people that there missed call or any pop up stays there until they clear it, let me know if u are running any of these apps so i know that they are in the clear, thanksss

    phone technician
    phone disconnect
    card reader
    card keeper

    those are a goodhandful of ones

    i installed all apps that were in resco backup except for the ones under "other apps" folder and the popup stood up, so u would think that its an application that is in that specific folder... i hard reset and just installed apps in the folder "other apps", and the pop up also stood up, so there has to be a conflict with two applications which is causing my popup messages to clear


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    well after two days of troubleshooting i have found out the trouble, the issue is with chattermail, believe it or not!

    without getting into the details on how i figured that i out... i hardreset the treo and installed chattermail..i called myself and saw the missed call popup, within a few minutes the popup went away and all i see when i turn back on screen is the little bell in the cornor.

    so all those people using chattermail out there.. take notice that it is causing all your missed calls/sms popups to time out after some time and minimize just to system alerts (small bell in cornor)

    will have to notify chattermail about this

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