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    Presently using SD cards and am thinking about the future...I gather the majority of future handhelds and smartphones will use mini SD. The new Treos seem to be moving in this direction.

    That said, what's the best way to transfer your old files from SD to mini and/or micro SD? The best way doesn't have to be the fastest, though would be nice. I figure some files would be easier to move than others. (i.e applications vs. application files.)

    Example: all the Chatter e-mails that are presently stored on one's SD card. Transferring those files to Mini SD sounds challenging!
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    When you purchase an SD Mini make sure you get one with an adapter. I got a 2 gig on ebay with one. The adapter allows you to use the sd mini as a regular sd card. You then can just put it into a sd slot or sd card reader.

    I did this, then copied all my files from one sd card to another.

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