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    I am almost done tweaking my Treo for now. Well let's face it we are always looking for that perfect app so... I have 50 % left currently. Used Zlauncher to move as much to the card as I could. I got spoiled with the TX which had a ton of memory. What have others ended up with?
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    I was just thinking this same question. I upgraded from the 700p and I left almost everything the same, except I installed Docs to go 10. But I actually have about 10 megs more, so I am at 39 Megs.
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    I haven't added all my stuff yet, but I'm at 50%.
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    I am around 44% with everything in RAM, its so cool to have it all on there instead of my card like with the 650 .
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    I have put a lot of my games on the card to save RAM. I have a feeling I could fill the Treo in no time if I don't. One thing about the TX is it had an awesome amount of memory, but it could not do the awesome things the Treo can do.

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