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    why do you have to take it out of the case?
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    Quote Originally Posted by woodbutcher View Post
    why do you have to take it out of the case?
    Here are a few reasons:
    -In case your Treo freezes and you need to do a soft reset.
    -If you have a Palm cradle and want to charge your Treo in it.
    -If you have a car mount kit that doesn't resize (like mine)

    and some other reasons...

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    I got the smart phone experts clear snap case. It does not add to much bulk. I just wish they would make a holster for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo View Post
    Nice pictures, but seriously that long nail gives me creeps.... Another thing with this bulky case is, what was the purpose of getting a slimmer Treo? So you can make it look fatter with a huge case? Am I missing something here?

    I think all cases will add bulk to your phone unless you go naked.

    I had my 650 for 2.5 years. Kept it in a hard case or silicone case for 2 years and it still looked brand new. After thatI felt it was old enough that I did not need to baby it anymore so I went naked. I wish I never had. After 6 months my phone looked all beat up.

    My 755p will always be in a case untill I upgrade again.

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    Here are some side by side pics of the palm aircase, and the siedio hybrid case
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    more of the pics, including the new seidio holster that also holds a sd card
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    images are hard to see.
    Who wants to sell me their case?
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    i know, i am not the photographer that Michelle is, but i try, besides the pics were taken with a treo 650
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    The case gets a thumbs up from me... I might feel differently once I get a 2nd batterry and have to swap it out daily...
    HTC Touch Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by woodbutcher View Post
    i know, i am not the photographer that Michelle is, but i try, besides the pics were taken with a treo 650
    I understand. i just turned down the brightness on my screen. My pics with the 680 are bad too. No offense
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    Roadtested this case today. I like it but only have my Fortte case to compare it to. It is easier to put the phone in the holster for me than to pull it out. Taking the case off is not easy but there are grooves at the side you can use a fingernail with. It does not seem to bulky to me. My hands sweat a lot and with this crystal case I get a pretty good grip. This is likely not the only case I will use, but it seems functional. protective, and a pretty good price if you get the free stylus pack.

    The stylus does fit perfectly in the phone even though it says 680/750 on the package. I wanted the stylus pack more than the case. I hate the stylus, but I hate more not having a backup one in case I lose it. The stylus pack is $14.95, but free with the air case. I figure the case was $15.00 as I would have paid full price for the stylus pack. For me this was a good deal, and so far I am happy with it.
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    I had the Seidio stuff for my 700 and the hinge made it easy to remove it from the holster.
    How is this case/holster taken out of the holster. I can't see what you press or do to get it out of the holster?
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    you don't press anything. you have to struggle to yank it off. ugh. this thing is going back. but i can't get a hold of any customer service to get me and RMA!
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    Mine snaps out from the holster. You just have to play with it and you figure out how to get it out. I still like mine, but it is hard to get that crystal case off. Broke a nail or two.
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    So it is hard to get out of the holster - what about one-handed operation?
    I like the Palm air case vs the Seidio because of the price and the fact that it is clear therefore one can still see blue or burgundy through the case.
    I don't like the fact that it sounds like it is really bulky compared to the slim rubberized Seidio one I had for the 700. I kept a different vertical pouch from my 700 that would still work with a slim (or slimmer) skin or hard case.
    I can make it through the day without changing batteries and have plenty of chargers (home, office, car) that I can just charge without removing. I'm -hoping- that I have my application list finalized for the time being and everything is stable that I am not popping out the battery daily for a reset (deleted off a skyscape med program last night as it was unstable and was on the 700 as well).
    So.....basically after all of that.....I am still torn - ha ha.
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    I tried out one of these in a Palm store, here's why I didn't buy it (and I was HIGHLY motivated to have it work):

    1) You HAVE to remove this case along with the battery cover every time your Treo freezes up - there's NO reset hole on the 755.

    2) The girl in the store had nice long nails but it took her about a minute to pry it off (after I couldn't, and she told me it would take "seconds" to get off). After her struggle, she was less than impressed with the case, too.

    3) Won't fit in the cradle (I have 2).

    4) $25 bucks for something that will likely break apart after a few openings isn't cheap.

    5) It becomes a serious driving hazard when you have a freeze during driving and (you know you'll do this) you try to yank off the case, then the battery cover and then the battery in order to reset it. With this stupid 755 design, we no longer even have the option of drilling a hole through the cases to get to the reset hole - there is none. You HAVE to get all the way to the actual battery.

    A good solid Nutshell case ( and full device insurance is about the best protection I've been able to design given the design problems of the 755.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    I think, even though it is twice as much as Palm's, I will go with the Seidio case. It was not that hard at all to get off (it was sort of hard to get on until I got the hang of it) and could be done going down the road. Although I would never consider that......
    I have a clear case such as this for my ipod and it is a pain to get on and off so I know what it is like. I guess I was more worried and wondering about the holster. I am familiar with Seidio's holster so at least I guess I know what I'll be getting there.
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    I realize this product isn't made by palm however it looks like a good option for those of us who want a holster w/o a clear case as well as something that is easy to remove 1 handed
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    Quote Originally Posted by mirwin View Post
    I realize this product isn't made by palm however it looks like a good option for those of us who want a holster w/o a clear case as well as something that is easy to remove 1 handed
    I love the look and feel of this one.. but i havent found a decent skin that would fit it.. i cant have my phone naked on a holster.. even a little something on the edges would be nice.. i tend to drop things.. one of the reasons i never get to carry my baby sister..
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    Hey for anyone that wants this case, you should look on search for 3324WW (Palm's item number) and you should be able to get it for 17.99 (eligable for free ship with 25) so if you need anything else, it would be a much better deal. I look at it as a free book.

    Palm's price is 25.00 plus shipping = about 31.00 or so...

    Just a thought...
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    OH BTW, I do not own it yet, but i figure i am going to try it...
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