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    ok, so your a WAY better photographer,JK
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    heh, it's what i do

    anyway, this holster definitely doesn't seem too friendly...
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    I guess I'd have to actually see the case in person and use it, but I have trouble with covering a slip-resistant finish with smooth plastic *and* increasing the overall dimensions of the 755p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rushawnc View Post
    with the phone facing up on the side of the phone i just stick my nail in that little groove and it un-snaps and do all the other corners the same way...
    what about for those of us who don't have nails i need to be able to remove this thing every once in a while, like when i remove the battery...
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    who's hands are in your pics? if those are not nails to you, I am scared
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    those are mine. ok fine, let me rephrase. what about for those of us who don't have nails to use as screwdrivers. what then?!
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    I have not had to yank the battery one time on this treo, So hopefully it is not something you have to do on a regular basis, but there are plastic prying tools, you could probably keep one in your purse
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    where can one get a plastic prying tool?...
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    Nice pictures, but seriously that long nail gives me creeps.... Another thing with this bulky case is, what was the purpose of getting a slimmer Treo? So you can make it look fatter with a huge case? Am I missing something here?

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    here is one, but you can find similar products everywhere

    as for the thicker case, I am a contractor, i need more protection for my treo during the workday, so i use the hard case in a curdura nylon pouch, when I am not working, I use the hard holster, or just a plain leather pouch
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    meh. you have a point treolo. whoever wants to buy my case, PM me!!!
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    Dang that is alarming.

    Nice pics though
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    guys, how do i pry this thing off?!?!?! aaaah!!!!!
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    Yea, im not really impressed with the case either... I hope palm will make a holster to use for just the phone... the air case is also slippery compared to the treo itself... ebay here i come
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    Quote Originally Posted by michelle View Post
    guys, how do i pry this thing off?!?!?! aaaah!!!!!
    Plastic fork or plastic knife from the cafeteria.


    If you have one of those orangle peeler thingies, that would work too (probably better).

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    thanks tom. i did it. i don't think i want to put it back on again lol. time to ebay...
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    ^^ ebay for me as well.. lol
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    wow so this case isn't for everyone? hmm i wanted to order one too. i guess i'll just go the ebay route and buy one for 0.99. my 755 is naked and i got one tiny nick on it. i have no idea when it happened either. i think because most of my purses are soft and that when i set it down the treo must have hit something. it's not bad though and i'm sure no one notices it but i swear it's staring at me!
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    girl, the case is ok. it's taking it out of the holster that sucks. and for that matter, taking it out altogether is a pain in the @ss!!
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