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    I noticed today that my 755p was warm to the touch when I picked it up midway through the day. Hadn't used it all day. Battery level was under 50%.

    I have BatteryGraph installed and it reports that the phone has been on for over 5 hours. I never used it,, screen was off. Plugged it into power, came back two hours later and battery is only up to 75%, and batterygraph reports it was now on for over 7 hours. Did a reset by pulling the battery and reinstalled. Seems to be back to normal.

    The only app that I would question is 4Cast. Anybody have a similar situation?

    Maybe this is why batteries are dying so quick.

    Bob M.
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    can you actually turn it off? because when i was looking into the 700wx, i got the impression that you can't turn off the device, it only goes into standby. can you actually turn the 755p off?
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    By off I mean screen off-Phone On. I guess you could call that standby. My 650 never had that problem.

    After I did the reset, phone was charged in 15 min. And the phone cooled to the touch. BatteryGraph reports 'In use' time. Thats the term is should have used.

    The 3rd party apps installed:
    Battery Graph
    F1 2007
    Splash ID
    Docstogo v9
    pTunes 4.0.2

    something was keeping the phone 'In use'.

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