Hi all. I have a 755p, had it for 8 days. I seem to be having some issues with exchange syncing. If i tell it to get items as they arrive, the phone will fail once, fail again about 2 minutes later, then reboot.

If i set it to get items ever 5 minutes, for mail, contacts and calender, it will fail at 5 minutes, then again at 10, then reboot.

This happens all the time, but is not consistent. it does work, sometimes.

If i tell it to only sync mail and contacts every 5 minutes, i have no problems. The problem is syncing every 5 minutes isn't push, which is kind of a bummer. If you set to get as items arrive, you have a choice of all 3 or none. I have a feeling something is messed up with the calender syncing, so i can live without that syncing up.

Do anyone know a way to get items as they arrive for email and contacts only? Or heck, even just email.