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    on my 700p i use NV Backup and have it scheduled for nightly backups then after the backup is complete i have it set to do a soft reset. sometimes, not always, i find it in the AM locked on the VZW screen or once it was stuck on the palm screen and went into a loop. Any ideas on what can cause this?
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    Personally, I've had the same experience with NV Backup with my Sprint phone. I've just never had a good interaction with that program and feel it caused allot of bugs. Others use it it with no problems. I have moved on to Resco Backup and have never looked back. Since then have had no weird issues with my backups. Its an awesome program with lots of options. I still use version 1.40 and have not had the time to check out 2.0, but hear really good things about it too.

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