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    I don't see the 755p on their site but the shape of they two seems to be pretty much the same.

    Anyone try this or know if it will work?
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    This is a reply from BSE that dislisfree posted in another thread:

    I emailed Best Skins Ever on 5/18/2007:

    When will the Treo 755p skin be available? Is the skin for the Treo 680 compatible with the 755p?

    "We are expecting the 750/755 Skin to be available in the next week or
    so. The 680 Skin will fit however the memory card door is slightly
    larger of the 680 is slightly larger and will leave a small area uncovered.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Herring

    I used these on my 700p, but won't on my 755p...just can't bring myself to covering up the rubberized finish...

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