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    I need to get a cradle for my wife's 650 so she will actually take the effort to HotSync the thing to the home computer.

    - It should have a HotSync button on it so it is easy for her to use.

    - It should have independent A/C power so it will charge her 650 while the computer is off.


    I am on my second Palm cradle.

    The first one started to not work -- put the 650 (then the 700wx, then the 750, but I digress) into the cradle and the computer wouldn't recognize it was there.

    I know it was the cradle because plugging the hotsync cable directly into the Treo would work just fine.

    Now the second one has exhibited this tendency. I don't want to spend $40.00 for a Palm cradle that is doomed to self-destruction.


    Has anyone else had the same experience with the Palm cradles? Do you have advice on something that really works well? I see the Mobi cradle that appears to have all I want (plus it is cheaper). Is that a reliable piece of plastic?
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    I had the same issue with the Palm cradle with my Treo 680. I think the bottom design of the new Treo's are different and mess up the contacts. it would sync but not charge.

    I did a little toying with the connector, cuz i love the palm cradle, and it now works magically! I even purchased a 2nd battery for my 680 a few weeks ago and it handles that wonderfully.

    love the palm cradle, best since the handspring visor! lol
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    I agree. Every once in a while, I have to fiddle with the cables coming in the back (when my Treo can't connect to PC). Other than that, it's been great.

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