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    Can someone explain to me the hosted goodlink model? We have hosted exchange and hsoted goodlink.

    I'm having a problem- i had a user who trashed his treo- we got a replacement from insuracne but when we try to set up good on the new device it says:

    'This email address has already been set up on another handheld. Contact your administrator'

    so i put in a support ticket at my hosted provider.

    And now they tell me they "dont have access to goodlink" and that i should contact good directly for support.

    Looking at good's website it appears that there is no support for end users provider and that there's a limited number of contacts allowed to call for support based on the support plan purchased with the server?

    I told my hosted provider that they should go scratch and contact good themselves.

    Am I allowed to to contact good myself?
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    thats funny, because the only way to fix this, is to talk with the GMM Administrator... which should be the one providing the hosted Goodlink, right?

    Even if you do contact good support, they won't be able to do anything, because it requires your hosted provider to either reprov or resend another activation key for the new device.

    Ours is setup the same way. Once the activation key is used, it becomes disabled and our users need to contact us when they have a new phone.

    Hope this helps.
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    thanks for the feedback.

    Sorry for my ignorance- but I'm of the impression that basically someone runs a good server and that server talks to myh device? That good is not like blackberry were apparently everybit of data goes to their servers and then to the device?

    I'm wondering if these hosted providers are actually running the server or is goodlink actually running the server and the hosted provider is actually just kind of a money collector.

    here's the exact quote from them:

    This unfortunately appears to be an issue with the account still existing at Goodlink even though the service has been moved.

    As we don't have access to Goodlink, what we would suggest is that you contact them to have the pervious accounts deleted off their servers, so that the issue will no longer occur.
    Could be just clueless but sounds almost like they are saying that goodlink actually runs the server.

    Also- makes me wonder if maybe my hosted provider isn't just reselling somone elses service- since they seem so clueless.
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    Actually Goodlink is JUST like Blackberry. Both have a server at the client (or hosted provider).

    The goodlink server (local at company or hosted provider) connects to good NOC. All client phones connect to good NOC. data is passed through them.

    Lets say that the hosted provider Did delete your account, if there is an issue with your account at Good, i would have to think that the hosted provider has the responsibility of contacting Good on your behalf and have that issue fixed.

    In no manner, would we have our users contact Good directly. Even if they did, they would direct them to contact us (Corporate Helpdesk)

    It also sounds that they might be reselling someones server. However, this would force them to allow this 3rd party to have access to their exchange infrastructure... which seems somewhat unlikely.

    You know, i do remember reading a case where a client of a hosted provider DID contact, had to pay 49 bucks for the call, and DID get their issue resolved. However all that sounded like something a hosted provider should take care of.
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    thanks for explaining it some more (all new to me). I didn't realize good was blackberry-esque with the NOC. That's interesting that they do that. I'd think that's almost a liability but I guess they like it for security and they have more control over things (makes it impossible to pirate i would assume).

    I found out the deal- seems my provider IS reselling someone else's (they left part of the email from the other people in the help ticket look up for my account). Seems they are reselling exchange and good from a company called who's tag line is "private label exchange hosting"

    So after I ragged at my provider- they went back to groupspark asking them to correct my issue- now waiting on their response. Not exactly the quickest and best customer service but at least now it's finally being handled.
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    I know, it may come as a surprise, to how close GMM is to blackberry. The only difference is that Blackberry works only on their own devices (Yes, with Blackberry connect, some other devices are able to run the BB software... however not as well, from what I've read)

    Glad to hear that you got your existing provider to push it through their 3rd party. It troubles me that your existing provider is doing nothing except be a middle man. I believe there are many other providers who directly manage and sell hosted exchange and Goodlink.

    On the 3rd party submitting a support to goodlink:

    If submitted by email, it may take a 24 hours. I doubt the response is quick. please remember, this is partially due to Good still developing their support.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Well- seems my support finally got through to the groupspark people who actually run the service and they "disabled and re-enabled" the account so it should now be fixed.

    When the user gets back to a PC to pick up his pin then hopefully all will be well.

    Actually- I'm a bit disappointed that my webhosting joint is just a reseller. We've used them for about a year for the webhost and they were rock solid, had great support, good pricing, and been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. (compared to the previous folks who flat out stank) So when they began to sell hosted exchange and we decided we were ready to go the exchange route we figured use 'em. I later found that exchange active sync is a cluster F so decided to give good a shot- and since they sold that too- why not. So I tried the first month and figured I'd look around - seems other providers listed on goods website are cheaper (by far) and I questioned my hosting company if they could do better. (I'm completely addicted to good- I see all the posts about how it could be better and I can't help but agree- but really people should get chained to exchange active sync for a month and then see what they think- LOL) . We went back and worth with them about the price and basically we decided to stick with them for the extra money because we were so happy with the service for their webhosting.

    So far I'm not impressed with the service though for good and exchange support- so I'll stick with it for another month or so and see what happens- if they mess up anymore I think I'd rather go to a service where i can directly deal with the admin and quickly get results. And just from the links ont he good site I can do that for less than half price- so if it weren't for the hassle of having 2 providers and moving all the accounts over I'd probably be there already.

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