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    i have a treo 700p (sprint) with a 3 email accounts (comcast). however i notice whenever i send an email attachment to one of the accounts it arrives on the treo with a winmail.dat attachment as opposed to the regular one - be it a Word doc, picture (jpg) etc. the other accounts the attachment comes thru normally. i can't open the winmail.dat either

    any ideas?
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    Are you sending mail in RTF format? If so, send in html or plain text instead.
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    no - for example as a test - i just sent an email (from my desktop) with a jpg attachment to the 3 accounts (which i access from the treo) and only one account did the email come thru as a jpg - the other two accounts (on the treo) had the attachment as winmail.dat.
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    As stroths said, you are sending the message in Microsoft's RTF (rich text format); in order for this to work, you need to turn off that option in Outlook (where you undoubtably wrote the message). In general, only Outlook/OE can work with the winmail.dat file.

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    Here are the instructions for changing this setting in Outlook:
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    thanks - i went to change that setting and the select Plain Text or HTML(NOT Rich Text Format) was already selected! but that got me on the right track and i was able to fix it- thanks guys!

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