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    Looking for a good stopwatch program for the Treo. Most that I've googled up are for much older palm devices and are monochrome. Anyone have good expereince with a particular program? I would like to be able to map the functions to hard keys. Thanks
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    TimeDeluxe has a nice Stopwatch function as part of the program. And you can use your thumb to start/stop/lap/reset.
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    palmary clock
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    Query TimerX 2.2 at Palmgear. File size: 34k

    This is what I use:

    Application Description
    A fully featured timer in the palm of your hand! TimerX has features to handle all of your timing needs. Having TimerX is like having a thousand stopwatches! No other timing solution for the Palm OS compares! Some features include:

    Multiple Timing Events - Run over 1000 stopwatches and countdown timers simultaneously! Timers will continue running when the application exited, and the device shut-off or reset. Customize each timer with its own label and color.

    Countdown Timers - Use timers as a stopwatch or as a countdown timer. Customize each timer's end behavior, and make them warn you before time expires. Support for system midi alarms and LED and vibrating alarms!

    Lap and Split - Store thousands of laps for each timer. Useful for timing races.

    Linked Timers - Control multiple timers at once! Multiple link types to help time control groups of timers at once with ease. Great for races, chess timers, and many other uses.

    Display Options - Display timers with different sizes. Options to display laps in larger sizes. TimerX can display up to 12 timers at once (on devices with a DIA).

    Support for DIA - Supports extended portrait and landscape mode on devices such as the PalmOne Tungstent|t3, Tungstent|t5, and Tapwave Zodiac.

    Category Support - Keep all your different timing tasks organized with the new category feature.

    Additional features include delayed timer start, ordering, and duplicating. TimerX is the most flexible timing solution for Palm OS, and it is only $6.00. Download for a five day trial. If you find it useful, please purchase to support additional development.
    Updated Description:

    Version 2.2
    -Added links indicator
    -Extended chain link feature
    -Option to confirm timer deletion
    -More bugfixes

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    and MobileClock - MobileClock does routine alarm clock functions, laps, and timers.

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    BigClock, or TikTok
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    Me too.
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    i have attached 2. both work on the 700p and are freee
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    I have used Stop3Watch for years on all of my Palm devices. Allows timing of 3 individuals at a time, and also allows input of a track distance for conversion of time to mph.
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    the app is simple and effective (I am a fan of several of Mike's apps: McPhling, McChord...)
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    I used Mobile Clock this weekend for a show and it worked great. Being a comedian you need to know when it is about your time to get off stage if you want to get booked again. I like the fact that it vibrates and that was really all I needed in a program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohmster View Post
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    CFB Timer... I use it when I do sprints
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    Any stopwatch program with vibrate functionality for treo 750?

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