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    What free news reader is working well on the 755p? This is my first Treo and I want to use a news reader that is fairly simple and easy to use.
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    Just did a google search,
    and came up with that.

    I read a lot about Handango in the forums here too.
    Check it out. =]

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    Thanks xxJuicymintxx! I will check it out. I have also heard about Avantgo, and Quick News and Resco News which are shareware but know nothing about them.
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    I use Google Reader for my RSS feeds.
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    QuickNews ( is my favorite. I found the UI of Resco News ( a little primitive though it has come a long way in a very short period. Avantgo (start here: is just way too much and takes too long to load and uses bunches of resources. Support with QuickNews & Resco News is also very good.

    There is another one by Iambic Software that is adware - TopStory (

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    Thanks gadgetluva and bclinger for the information. I will check them out. So much new to learn.

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