I am wondering how is the Pocket Tunes sound quality on the Treo 680.

I have a pair of Sanheiser earphones and it plays awesome music on my Z72 but sounds rather weak and bland on my Treo 680 using the same PT version.

Then of course to connect my earphones to the Treo i am using a 2.5>3.5mm adaptor which is supposed to be a Motorola fit.

Could this adaptor be my problem?

Can anyone share thier experience with PT sound quality on the Treo especially between the direct 3.5mm on Palm handhelds like the TX etc vs the Treo 680 2.5mm adaptors.

Also the stereo earphones, adaptor type used, and where to get the RIGHT one.

Or lets say, whats your combo for the perfect sound on the Treo 680!

Is it IPOD quality? Thanks